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Black Diamond

Client Results

Our websites are strategically crafted for results, ensuring they drive tangible outcomes. With a proven track record of success, we consistently deliver on our promise to exceed expectations and achieve desired objectives.

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At DMG Web Design, we excel at driving tangible results for businesses by significantly increasing their client base. As demonstrated in the compelling pictures showcasing one of our many projects, the company we managed experienced an impressive 44% surge in sales compared to the previous year, resulting in an extra $50,000 in revenue. What's even more impressive is that 59% of these sales came from new clients, which we successfully obtained through our innovative marketing strategies, including targeted email campaigns and effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.


By optimizing the company's website and securing a top position on Google search results, we ensured potential clients easily found and engaged with their business, leading to substantial growth and undeniable success. Let us leverage our expertise and track record to help your business thrive in the digital landscape.

At DMG Web Design, our ability to elevate businesses to new heights is exemplified by one of our many successes with an established company that had been operating for over a decade. Through our adaptable and customized approach, we helped them achieve their most prosperous year in sales to date. Our strength lies in optimizing strategies for businesses of all sizes and tailoring design and marketing efforts to reach their ideal customer base.


By meticulously analyzing their website traffic by location, we identified cities with untapped potential and targeted them to acquire new clients effectively. Leveraging their existing customer base, we implemented impactful email marketing campaigns that strengthened client loyalty and boosted sales. The tangible results are evident in the photos, showcasing their most significant sales day ever. At DMG Web Design, we take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional outcomes for businesses, propelling them toward unprecedented success in their respective industries.

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The Power of Data Analysis and E-Mail Marketing

At DMG Web Design, we pride ourselves on taking our expertise to a whole new level for our clients. Our unique combination of data analysis and email marketing skills allows companies to flourish month after month, experiencing immense growth. The two pictures above showcase the impressive results we deliver. For two separate clients who opted for additional email marketing campaigns per month, they witnessed astonishing success in the very next month. One client's sales skyrocketed by an incredible 30%, while the other experienced a remarkable 20% increase – all within just a single month. Our meticulous data analysis and targeted email marketing strategies enable us to deliver tailored solutions that drive tangible results, propelling businesses towards their full potential. At DMG Web Design, we are committed to helping our clients thrive and achieve outstanding success in the digital landscape by all means.

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